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100% Natural Hair Color (Natural Hair dye) is the best hair color product, it is a result of our effort in going with nature. Our 4 years of hard work, research and exploration of ayurveda. It is 100% NATURAL HAIR COLOR, which not only color your hair but it is safe for entire body and also imparts and enhance immunity. So not only it takes care of hair but entire body health. It is a combinations of certain herbs carefully chosen out of ancient Ayurveda knowledge which is oldest known natural medical science safe for humans.

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  • Starting at the roots apply paste to hair immediately after mixing. Grey hair may required a heavier application. Paste should not be to thick or thoo thin. Apply the paste starting at the roots and spread evenly to the ends.


  • Wait for at least 45 to 90 minutes or more after application. If a darker color is desired leave the paste on for a longer period of time. It is safe for paste to remain on hair for two to three hours. Heat can also be applied with a hair dryer during this time to intensify results.


  • After 45 to 90 minutes rinse hair with running water until the water runs clear. No shampoo is needed. Style and dry hair as desired.

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    Let your strands break free from chemicals with Radico! Made in India, it is the first certified 100% organic hair color in the world. The different herbs of each hair color are for complete hair restoration, color, softening, and other healthy benefits.

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