GOOD CLEAN LOVE Legends Organic Perfume
GOOD CLEAN LOVE Legends Organic Perfume
GOOD CLEAN LOVE Legends Organic Perfume
GOOD CLEAN LOVE Legends Organic Perfume

GOOD CLEAN LOVE Legends Organic Perfume

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An organic perfume for men with the iconic scent of a hero

The scent is the primary language of love. With this perfume, you'll surely awaken the passionate lover within. An organic perfume for men, Good Clean Love Legends is one that invokes a deep arousal, capturing the magnetic presence, confidence, and enduring strength of masculine energy. Made with ancient essential oils and containing no petrochemicals, fixatives, or solvents, this perfume is a good alternative to synthetic fragrances, as it responds to the unique body chemistry of the wearer. Discover attraction again with East Indian Sandalwood, Omani Frankincense, and Bulgarian Rose, moments are made more special, intimate, and passionate.

Best for: To help boost intimacy of couples

Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • East Indian Sandalwood oil - woody and earthy, anti-anxiety;
  • Omani Frankincense oil - helps relieve stress;
  • Bulgarian Rose oil - helps with calmness

Size: 10ml

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    • Spray a fair amount on your desired parts of the body.
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