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Rebalance™ Organic Feminine Wipes help cleanse, refresh, eliminate odor. These pH-balanced and biodegradable wipes that are individually wrapped will keep you feeling refreshed and cleansed wherever! They’re great for travel, post-workout, after an intimate moment, and everyday on-the-go cleansing. Our unique Bio-Match™ feminine odor products are formulated to closely replicate the healthiest vaginal conditions to support your natural healthy vaginal ecosystem.

Size: 12counts

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  • Use Rebalance™ organic feminine wipes to help cleanse, refresh, and eliminate vaginal odor on the go.
  • Wipe genital area from front to back.
  • Because Rebalance™ Wipes are biodegradable, please dispose; do not flush.
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Good Clean Love

Restore vaginal health and boost sexual desire in an organic way with Good Clean Love. Made in USA, these organic intimacy products are designed to enhance pleasure, not to trigger side effects such as itching and burning.

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